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Over 7Million people benefits from the NEWMAP project across all sectors

More than 7 million people have benefitted from the implementation of the Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project, an intervention of the Nigeria Government in partnership with the World Bank, in its commitment to end erosion in Nigeria. The project, which applies a holistic systematic approach in its intervention has various activities, includes; watershed management, provision of alternative livelihood to stop human activities that causes erosion, reclamation of the degraded soil through engineering construction and bio remediation which fortifies the soil, capacity building for all stakeholders, sensitization on the right environmental practices and water harvesting among others. So far, 7,312,912 individuals and 9200 households have benefitted from these activities.

Livelihood alternatives, changes the game as 4,923 benefits

Human activities are the major causes of erosion and to address this permanently, NEWMAP has provided alternate livelihood   for the beneficiaries to prevent them from engaging in some anti-environmental practices. So far 4,923 beneficiaries has been empowered with various alternative livelihood activities. 2,293 (47%) of these beneficiaries  are male while 53% representing 2,630 are female.   These beneficiaries were  formed into 287 Community Interest Groups (CIGs)designed to favor the active poor, vulnerable and Project Affected Persons(PAP).

Several trainings for economic sustainability which includes, simple bookkeeping and accounting, financial and conflict management, group dynamics and Community Driven Procurement (CDD) as well as  specific trainings by the service providers for sustainability of group activities were delivered.  The groups have started production and making profit from their alternative livelihood support program and have stopped sand mining and other activities that triggers erosion. 


23,080 Benefits from Clean Cook Stove

Majority  of the people across the NEWMAP states uses firewood  to provide energy for   cooking and  other domestics and industrial uses.  This action  results in failing of tress and bush burning therefore making the environment vulnerable to erosion and contributing to causes of climate change by depleting the ozone layer. To address this challenge, NEWMAP distributed 23,080 clean cook stoves out of which 12,980 are Bio-Ethanol stoves, 2,100 are Wood Efficient stoves and 8,000 are Briquettes to the beneficiaries especially the women who do most of the cooking. 


1,264 : Project Affected Persons compensated (PAP)

In its bid to rehabilitate degraded land,  involve lots of engineering construction that  could result in the acquisition of land or displacement for families, business or public infrastructure However, anyone whose property is affected in the cause of the construction is called a Project Affected Persons (PAP) and is dully compensated by the project.  So far a total of  1,264 PAPs’ have been compensated in a highly transparent way and they are all happy. See the photos and videos in the Community voices U-tube!